Success for Shrewsbury College Group Construction Apprentices

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Construction apprentices have all passed their final end point assessment thanks to a partnership between the Construction EPA Company and Shrewsbury Colleges Group (SCG).

20 carpentry and joinery apprentices were in danger of not being able to take their final end point assessment, delaying their qualification. Thanks to a partnership between the college and Construction EPA Company, all the carpentry apprentices have been able to attend their final assessments and pass.

With the nearest assessment centre to Shrewsbury being Stoke, the college laid on transport to make sure the apprentices could get there, prepared and on time.

Mark Brown, Group Vice Principal and Head of Apprenticeships said “This partnership has meant our carpentry apprentices have not been held back. With practical assessments being challenging at the moment, we have been completely reassured by the safety measures this company are taking. We have seen a 100% pass rate for our site carpenters and architectural/bench joiners and many received distinctions. We’re now gearing up for our bricklayers!”

Matthew Edwards, who is an apprentice at A R Manley, was awarded a distinction for his practical bench joinery skills said “An apprenticeship has been a brilliant way to earn and learn along the way. It has set me up with the skills and qualifications to carry me through the rest of my working life. It can sometimes be hard work, but definitely worth it”.

Dan Russell, Head of End Point Assessment at Construction EPA Company said, “To date, we have assessed the competence of over 5,000 construction workers. As a dedicated assessment body for construction programmes, we take the lead on all aspects of the end point assessment process.”

“While we have been working with SCG, we have seen how they have invested in their apprentices, from their high-quality training facilities to the range of support. This hasn’t changed during lockdown and they have continued to support apprentices completing their end point assessments by using our assessment centres.”

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Success for Shrewsbury College Group Construction Apprentices